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3,900 AMD

Conrad: The Factory-Made Boy
ISBN: 978-9939-68-396-6

Author: Christine Nostlinger
Translated by: Ruzan Marguni
Illustrated by: Annette Swoboda
Pages: 192
Cover: hard
Size: 16.5x22.5cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2015

     In her apartment staffed with all kinds of useless things Mrs. Bartolotti lives alone and only two days a week she spends time with her friend – pharmacist Mr. Egon. And when she receives a big can by post and finds a boy – Conrad in it, she almost loses consciousness. However, the boy turns out to be very polite and smart and Mrs. Bartoletti decides to become a good mother for him. But what is she supposed to do now when men in blue uniforms come for Conrad?
     This story full of fun and wit by Christine Nostlinger describes the contemporary relationship between parents and children.

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