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6,500 AMD

School Olympiads. Geography
ISBN: 978-9939-68-222-8

Authors: Gurgen Hovhannisyan, Vahagn Grigoryan
Pages: 448
Cover: soft
Size: 17x24cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2013

     The collection includes 4 chapters. The first chapter presents articles by Gurgen Hovhannisyan published in different periodicals referring to questions of Schools Olympiads, tasks and problems and their keys and methods of their solution. The second chapter features the questions of Yerevan district, regional as well as state level Olympiads of the recent 15 years and the questions from Geography Olympiads at YSU of previous years. The third chapter includes the keys for the second chapter tasks and as a matter of fact only the questions which have short keys and definitions of notions are represented.
     There is an appendix at the end of the book which lists the bibliography of recommended literature for preparation of different levels of Olympiads, checking the knowledge of students and for preparing for admission tests.

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