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1,500 AMD

The Secret
ISBN: 978-99941-1-447-4

Author: Anna Enquist
Pages: 224
Cover: soft
Size: 14.5x20cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2008

     Vanda, a concert pianist, views music as the only means of escaping the reality. It is in music that she finds the answer to the question of where she belongs in the world. When faced with a choice, Vanda leaves her husband for music. But when her dying mother literally opens the “secret”, Vanda is no longer able to “escape” into her world of music. Rheumatic disorder makes it impossible for Vanda to play; she is not able to approach the piano again until she gets carried away by the memories of her past.
     The author never offers easy solutions. It is not in revealing the secret that the book culminates but actually in making the reader join the process.

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