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The Wonders of the World: 100 incredible and inspiring places on earth
ISBN: 978-99941-1-601-0

Author: Mark Truman
Pages: 160
Cover: hard
Size: 24x24 cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2012

     Take a trip around the globe along the International Date Line from east to west, and stop off at 100 awe-inspiring wonders en route.
     From the magnificent Moai Statues of Easter Island to the splendor of the Sydney Opera House, via the amazing Amazon Rainforest and the marvelous markets of Marrakesh, enjoy the sightseeing tour of a lifetime in Wonders of the World.
     Wonders of the World includes all the major natural and fabricated wonders you could ever hope to visit on the whistlestop trip of a lifetime.

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