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Pronounce the Phonemes Correctly: Exercise Book
ISBN: 978-9939-68-229-7

Authors: Ani Meliksetyan, Varsenik Hovsepyan
Pages: 80
Cover: soft
Size: 20x29 cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2014

     This exercise notebook offers sets of practical tasks to help children practice and distinguish the studied phonemes in open and closed syllables, in a word and expressions, sentences as well as in short stories and language twists tailored specially for this purpose. In these samples Armenian phonemes (dz, ts, tc, j, tch, ch, s, z, zh, sh) are met very frequently in different word positions; in initial position, medial and final positions.
     This edition with practical tasks and oral material is a methodological support to elementary school teachers and speech therapists, special tutors and parents to help them overcome hard times their children have in producing and distinguishing several phonemes.

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