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White Fang (retelling)
ISBN: 978-9939-68-486-4

Author: Jack London
Retold by: Arsene Lutin
Translated from English by: Alvard Jivanyan
Illustrated by: Antoine Guilloppé
Pages: 34
Cover: hard
Size: 24x30cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2016

     Eat or be eaten–such is the Law of Nature in the glacial white land where White Fang was born. This cross–breed of wolf and dog will have a harsh life before understanding that he can trust mankind and find love. Jack London's celebrated story has been adapted for young readers and is accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Antoine Guilloppé. This adaptation of Jack London's novel vividly demonstrates the struggles of surviving vast and bleak lands, primitive instincts, and primal patterns of behavior. This epic tale is a moving story of characters we discover as children and who remain with us into adulthood

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