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3,000 AMD

Meet at the Ark at Eight!
ISBN: 978-9939-68-554-0

Author: Ulrich Hub
Translated from Germany by: Mariam Yepremyan
Illustrated by: Jörg Mühle
Pages: 64
Cover: hard
Size: 17x23.5cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2017

     God is again angry with the world and frustrated with people and animals. So now the second time the world will be deluged with water. Noah’s Dove warns everyone that two of each species will be granted tickets for the Ark. Finally, the Dove finds the last passengers – the two penguins and hands them the tickets. And the rain has already started. They must hurry! But the penguins have a problem: how can they save their third friend? What can they do? The loyal friends decide to get their little third friend in their luggage instead of their belongings. What happened on their voyage, what adventures they had and what happened after the flood you will learn after reading the book. Good voyage and happy adventures with Noah, the Pigeon, Penguins and the rest of the animals.


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