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4,400 AMD

Тhe Brave New World
ISBN: 978-9939-68-564-9

Author: Aldous Hacksley
Translated from English by: Lilit Hayrapetyan
Pages: 312
Cover: hard
Size: 13x20cm
Language: Eastern Armenian
Published: 2017

     Traditionally Aldous Huxley’s name has been associated with the genre of 20th century Futuristic Science Fiction as one of the key authors of Dystopian literature. Huxley’s “Brave New World” has been one of the pioneers of the genre. It precedes both Orwell’s and Bradbury’s famous works and is distinguished by prophetic preciseness on depiction of the future and the menaces of the technological advancement. The events of the novel take place in the year of 2541 when people are not born in natural way and basically the idea of family is non-existent and the consumerist society has reached its peak. The novel has profound references to political, economic, cultural and religious systems and ideologies and some of the characters remind of the world known leaders of the 20th century. This is the first Armenian translation of Huxley’s classic masterpiece.


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