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How is Zangak Publishing House different from Zangak Bookstore?

This question is often asked. To be frank, Zangak is one big family, be it a Bookstore or a Publishing House. However, for the convenience of the reader and the customer, the Publishing House and the chain of bookstores operate as separate entities with separate websites.

Now you are on the Zangak Publishing House website. Our Publishing House publishes textbooks, children and young adult literature and translations. It also has a printing house and accepts print orders. Zangak Bookstore is engaged in the import and sale of the books and offers the reader an incredible variety of multilingual books. You can visit the Bookstore with this link.

What unites the Publishing House and the Bookstore? The founder of Zangak is the Mkrtchyan family. And the vision of both Zangaks is the same. We believe that the possibilities are endless when driven by the power of knowledge. Both at Zangak Publishing House and Zangak Bookstore we daily strive to create opportunities through knowledge to help you build your future.

How to acquire Zangak Publishing House books?

The entire assortment of Zangak Publishing House is available on the website. Select the publications you are interested in from the Books section and we will safely transfer your cart to the Zangak Bookstore to complete the purchase. You can find details and benefits of wholesale transactions of our published books in the Wholesale section.

May I make purchases directly from the Publishing House?

The primary customers of the Publishing House are the bookstores, the educational institutions, the libraries, and other organizations. You can make a retail purchase from our website online. We have ensured that the purchase process is easy and comfortable for you.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms and benefits of wholesale transactions in the Wholesale section of the website.

How to acquire books of the Zangak Bookstore?

We are bringing the Zangak books closer and closer to you. The Zangak Bookstore network operates at 6 locations in Yerevan, as well as online at Find your nearest location at this link or make your purchases online.

I am looking for one of the books from the publisher...

If the publication you are interested in is no longer available in bookstores, it is most likely out of stock in the Publishing House. You may make a request on our Facebook page to check the possibility of reprinting the book you are interested in.

Out-of-print books are still available in public libraries. It is likely that the publication you are interested in is also available at antiquarian booksellers.

May I exchange the book at your Publishing House?

If you purchased a Zangak Publishing House book and noticed a technical problem, we will gladly exchange it for a new one. You can call at 011232528 or come to the office of the Publishing House at Komitas 49/2. If you have a receipt, you can exchange the book both in the Zangak bookstores chains and in the specific bookstore where you made the purchase from.

Please note that we can replace a book that has a technical problem, but not exchange it for other books.

You may find out Zangak Bookstore’s terms of return and exchange on the bookstore’s website:

Can you help me get in touch with my favorite author/translator?

The literary field of Armenia has obvious advantages. Our authors are generally available from a public relations perspective. And this is even more true for the authors published by Zangak. We will be happy to forward your inquiries, requests or suggestions (except material gifts or messages of a personal nature) if you are experiencing difficulties meeting your favorite author or translator.

In the case of literature translated internationally, we keep in touch with the agency representing the author, and we have the opportunity to contact the author only during international festivals or when they visit Armenia.

If you would like to purchase our new publication with the author's signature and you have missed the book presentation, you may contact us within one month of the presentation.

If you are planning to organize an event or invite a Zangak author or translator to an event, please contact us: together we will organize an inspiring literary event.

May I organize an event at Zangak bookstore?

Certainly! In this case your partner is Zangak Bookstore. Please send a description of the planned event to the or call at +374 11 22 33 66 to submit or process your event. You may also invite us as a guest.

Are the events organized by the Bookstore and the Publishing House the same?

Zangak Publishing House and Zangak Bookstore operate as separate entities and organize separate events. However, we often organize joint events in different chains of the Bookstore.

Get acquainted with the upcoming events of the Publishing House here.

Get acquainted with the upcoming events of the Bookstore here.

Will you host our group at Zangak Printing House and Publishing House?

As in the past, so at present, our doors have always been open to guests. Over the years, being hosted in our Publishing House, Bookstore or Printing House on various occasions, hundreds of children and adults have been acquainted with the world of book publishing and printing. In order to discuss your visit, you may contact the Publishing House by calling at+374 10 232528. 

How is book selection fulfilled at Zangak Publishing House?

The main focus of Zangak is the creation of educational literature. We also translate international bestsellers, discover new authors and illustrators. For publication, we consider books that make knowledge meaningful and create opportunities for the reader.

Would you like to submit a publishing or translation request? If you think we share the same values, don't hesitate to do so. 

Full information is available here

Offset printing
How do you accept a print order?

We can accept a print order at almost any stage, providing an estimated and detailed professional advice. Details can be found on the Printing Services page.

My book is paginated, can I submit it to you for printing?

Yes, the specialist will evaluate the paged material before sending it to the printer. You may submit a print order at almost any stage. Details can be found on the Printing Orders and Services page.

How long does it take to create and print the order?

The printing period is determined according to the complexity of the order and the workload of the printing house. Fulfillment of a private order can take from several days to several months. We recommend scheduling holiday or anniversary prints before the holiday period. See the full list of printing services on the Printing Orders and Services page.

Is it possible to order a book with our company/organization logo?

Definitely! We are also convinced that the book is one of the best solutions for promoting your company. For a complete list of printing services and other details, see the Printing Services page.

Does the print quantity affect book value?

The printing of a book or booklet involves fixed and fluctuating costs. Fixed costs are incurred regardless of book circulation and are added to variable costs. Varying costs depend on the type of printing. However, the larger the print run, the lower the cost per book. The capabilities of our printing house allow us to have large editions in a short period of time.

Can you just design or edit the book?

Yes, we provide separate consulting, editorial and printing services, a full list of which can be found on the Printing Services page. A little tip: In case of using combined services, you may save time and control your expenses more easily.

May I publish a book with my own funds, and you just deal with its distribution and sale?

During the discussion with the client, it is decided which entity will deal with the distribution and sale of the given book: the sales department of the Publishing House or the Zangak bookstore chain. However, you may submit the book to the Zangak bookstore chain. You may contact the bookstore’s sales department at

Will you assist me in obtaining the copyright of the book?

If you are planning to present a joint publishing project or have a translation proposal, Zangak Publishing House will acquire the copyrights for the translation and sale of the work during the approval and implementation. Copyrights are also sold to individuals. In such cases, Zangak Publishing House is not an intermediary, but can provide advice.

Do you offer copyright?

We acquire copyrights from authors who are citizens of the Republic of Armenia and are authorized to sell them to other countries or other publishing houses of the Republic of Armenia. Licensing of parts or full use of the work is also at Zangak's discretion.

Please see and download our foreign right list here.

Do you publish books for non-citizens of the Republic of Armenia?

According to the law of the Republic of Armenia, it is allowed to sign printing orders or publishing contracts with persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

I would like to submit my work/idea for publication.

Thank you for choosing Zangak and sharing the same values. Get familiar with the terms and conditions here and, in case of compliance, contact us with a publishing proposal. We sincerely wish you success.

How often do you review publishing/translation submissions?

Usually we respond to the request within a month. The deadline may be extended if the editor has additional questions about the application.

Will Zangak publish my translation?

Let's get acquainted first, we've created a special page for you! It states the conditions, to which if you qualify, you may contact us with a translation proposal. We will gladly wait for your application.

Will I receive royalties for the work of the author/translator/illustrator?

Definitely, and not only. In addition to the honorarium, you will receive the love of readers and become Zangak's author and good friend. We can discuss the terms of cooperation after your application is approved. Please find more details here

May a minor be the author or customer of Zangak?

Yes, with the consent of the parent or the legal guardian, the minor may be both the author and the client of the publishing house. Among our authors there are also children illustrators.

I am looking for a job in Zangak.

Our large family consists of bright people of different generations. If you cherish the values of Zangak, check out our vacancies in the Careers at Zangak section. We wish you good luck.

What is a book's ISBN?

Every book has an international standard number, more commonly known as an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). An ISBN is a 13-character code that identifies a book and quickly retrieves it in search or sales software. Publishers acquire the ISBN for each new book they publish. The same books or reprints of books with different covers may have different ISBNs.

May I purchase printing materials from a publisher?

Zangak imports the products of the leading organizations in the field and offers a wide range of offset printing materials, as well as materials for silk-screening, tampography and punching. We cooperate with Arctic Paper, APP, ESKAboard, Hanns Eggen, Epple Druckfarben, Eptanova, Autotype, Eukalin Spezial-Klebstoff, W-Mash, RKS, Bohleer, Cito and other brands. Details can be found in the Printing Materials section.


Where can we find your latest catalogs?

Our catalogs in printed forms are available in different bookstores in Yerevan. You may view and download the online version from the Catalogs Section of the website.



Oops, did you find an error in our book?

Yes, this is a serious question. We group the errors we find to consider when reprinting the book. We would be grateful if you could help us with this. Please send the error you noticed to the e-mail address by specifying the word Error in the subject line, and keeping the following structure of the message in the email: Author/title/page/error/your comment.

How to get in touch with Zangak publishing house?

Zangak Publishing House is located at 49 Komitas, #2 (2nd floor).
Email address:
Phone: 010232528

Wholesales, corporate partnerships:
Phone: +37496903366, +37433903366.

Publishing services
Phone: +37499903366.

Buying and selling of print materials
Phone: +37493565462


How to contact Zangak Bookstore?

Zangak Bookstore is located at 49 Komitas, #2 (4th floor).
Email address:
Phone: +37411223366

How do we find out about the training programs for teachers and principals?

The details of the training courses and seminars for those who would like to obtain the authority (certificate) to manage a public educational institution can be found at the following links:
Email address:
Phone: 010 23 25 28, (ext. 150)

See the latest programs by Tatev Educational here 

How to contact the Pedagogical Thought (Mankavarjakan mitk) magazine?

The editorial office of the "Pedagogical Thought" magazine operates at Komitas 49/2. 

Tel. +374 10 23 25 28. You may submit your article for publication by sending it to
The technical requirements for submitting the article may be found here.  

 The journal "Pedagogical Thought" is included in the RA Supreme Certifying Commission's list of scientific magazines, in accordance with the session decision of the RA Supreme Certifying Commission’s Council of 17.12.2001 (protocol N25) for candidate and doctoral dissertations.

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